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haspin acres

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I went to haspin acres sunday and it was a muddy mess.

here are some before pics
My R

My 416ex


its not a hummer but i pretend it is

And after 3 laps on the mx track

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i got sick of the mud after those 3 laps, plus i don't run an airbox lid (i need the EHS lid).

I decided to take to the jeep
from the inside

and after i was done for the day

i had my headlights on and you can't even tell
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looks like all the quads and trucks that were at the Sparta race!
older haspin pics

me maxing out the suspension

my friend jason on my 250x

he couldn't handle the power of the big 250x lol

A little mud
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I bet! did you have fun?
Haha, that's the way to get 'er dirty! Did you try the double with the jeep? :lol:

Originally posted by RedRocket@May 4 2004, 01:29 AM
Haha, that's the way to get 'er dirty! Did you try the double with the jeep?  :lol:

the thought crossed my mind but i talked myself out of it lol.
it would have been cool to get out on the big track in the jeep, but that track is tore up enough the way it is.
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I have to get back out to Haspin..... my buddies uncle owns the land RIGHT next to Haspin... shares the fence line..... we normally ride there.....

I want to go hit the MX track...... :D
i was going to go to haspin also last weekend if it hadn't rained. so we went to badlands instead. it was my first time there and it was awsome. also told some new 450R owners about the site.

later this month if we don't get a lot of rain a buddy of mine from dreyer honda (he has a 450R also) are planning a trip to haspin. i will let everyone know when and we can try to meet up
I might go again friday if anyone wants to ride. Hopefully the 80+ degree temps we have coming will dry this mud out for us.
AWWW.... Dreyer Honda....... My Home Sweet Home.... :lol:

All my thanks goes to ......

Jr., Mike, Sandy, Elmo, Dale, Jamie (spell), Dink, and EVERY ONE else in the Service Dept.
they all help me so much with my quad.... i luv the DYNO as well..... :D

If no one knows about the OLDEST HONDA DEALER in the US.... it is a place of Great People......


Is that 450r you are talking about HRC kitted....... :D

I think i might have to catch up with you guys if my stuff gets here.....

What day is everyone planning on going.... :huh: ??
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I might go tommorow because I might be sick (cough cough). But whenever you guys plan a ride post it on here so everyone knows. BTW where is Dreyer honda? Or any place else close with a dyno would be nice. I want to see what kind of #'s she puts out. :D
It is on west washington street (us 40)..... inside of 465.....??? hard to really tell you....

They do however charge like 70 bucks an hour for the dyno...... :(
yea my buddies bike has an HRC kit. (its matt's bike) the dyno itself dosen't cost anymore than the time it takes the tech to use it. you just pay the shops hourly fee.

not sure when we are riding again but probably a week or two before another weekend trip

for those of you guys in central indy we go down to a buddies of mine alot on weekends in spencer. i can go down there just about anytime so I will try to get a trip together for next weekend if some of you guys want to go let me know
i work every weekend, but ocassionally get out to haspin on a ssunday before i work at 7pm
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