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Gussit kits

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Is ther any good gussit kits out now, or does anybody know how, and where to place the gussits. Actually is anybody even gussiting their frame?
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so far no one has a gusset kit out yet, I would look for jb racing and Lonestar to develp them within the new prob 3 months. for the average rider gusset kits are not necessary, they are only necessary when landing from large jumps, and pounding through whooop sections. Now the new yamahas need gussset kits for sure. when Skip (dana creech's dad and mechanic) took off his subframe it was starting to bow out. luckly Mike Walsh welded up a 4130 Chromoly subframe. Unfortunatly druning moto 1 in GA the frame broke were it meets the subframe. some sereous gusset work needs to be done on the yfz.
I'm surprised the YFZ is having problems, but I guess any factory frame will succomb to the stresses of motorcross. I was hoping the Honda is alot stronger then the KFX/LTZ, I cracked a frame tube on my KFX after only 7 months. I want to do more MXing, the Kawi needed full gusseting and some help with suspension, so I traded it for a TRX(after properly fixing it!). The Honda frame looks much more beefy than the KFX, especially around the front suspension, but only time will tell.

waiting for the R so I can test this theory myself! ^_^

If anyone finds weakspots, let us all know where.

The trx does have the strongest factory frame out there, this weekend i was talking with Mike Walsh and he just developed a gusset kit for the 450 check it out
I was reading somewhere that lonestar has one send them your frame and 600 bucks. I also heard that arens had a bolt-on kit for 200 bucks. Hope this helps.
bolt on gusset kit?!?!? WRF?!?!?! here are wash's prices $199.95- Gusset Kit only
$209.95- Gusset Kit for pro-peg
$399.95- Gusset Kit and installation
$439.95- Gusset Kit and installation for pro-peg
+$275.- powder coat
*standard colors available...
gloss black / texture black
silver / silver vein
honda blue / yamaha blue / blue vein
*special colors
candy blue
candy red
metallic silver
*non listed colors are negotiable

Personally i would go with walsh he builds great stuff.
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