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guns and ammo

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hello my family org, i need some legal advices for those that can help. I know California is one of the states were there are strict gun laws. This means that, there is a magazine capacity limit of ten rounds. For this reason, i found halfway around that system, i can order a magazine round capacity of 33 rnds for a glock, i can ship it to my cousins place in Cleveland, Ohio where it is legal to have high capacity magazines. But when my cousin gets it will there be a issue for him shipping the 33rnd magazines from Ohio, to California? I dont want my cousin getting in trouble with ATF, help fellas. - Darius
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"It is unlawful for any person to manufacture, cause to be manufactured, import into the
state, keep for sale, or offer or expose for sale, or give or lend, any large-capacity
magazine. (Penal Code § 12020(a)(2).)"

the only way you can get your high capacity magazine is if you break the law. simple as that. if your cousin ships it to you. he will be breaking the law if he ships it to you.

good luck!!
Would it be nosy to ask why you need a 33 round clip? lol
Would it be nosy to ask why you need a 33 round clip? lol[/b]

To shoot lots of beer bottles of course!!!!!
10 round clips suck... Takes too much time to
I wouldn't do it but that is me if you get caught doing a felony you can't have guns period.....So think about the big picture not the big mag so you don't have to reload 3 for the 1 you still have to load the same amount of bullets in....Go get 4 10rd mags and just load them all before you go to the range.....Trust me it sucks not being able to have a gun
thanks fellas,
Trust me it sucks not being able to have a gun[/b]
I can second that
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