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GT thunder

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i sent all 3 shocks in for the mx revalve and spring and link kit.
what should i expect? overall performance??

i know that they are supposed to be great but just wanna know what i am going to need to change.

will i need to raise my airbox?
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I wasn't real impressed with the work that came back from them and had to have it redone 6 months later by Derisi Racing others have had better luck, and no mods have to be done to the airbox.
ive rode my buddies bike and it feels really good, he got xc rebuild tho, its as smooth as it can be and takes a hard impact
We have the GT Thunder rear rebuild and their XC link and it is just as good as the houser +.5, long travel, elka quad rate front end we have. And thats with his "old" style revalve and re-spring.

Before we sent it off my son rode a buddys with the Derisi rebuilds and it wasn't good to him so I guess that shows that different people have different opinions. :thumbsup:

You know you can see the status of your stuff on his website right? No details but some info....
thanks for the info.

i just checked the website and they are gettin sent back
so ill let u all know how i like em
If you do any jumping at all they might be too soft. On my shock form i told them I did some occassional mx and some dune riding and they bottom out on any jump. Turns out they were valved way too soft for any kind of mx riding, or hard dune riding for that matter.
i do mostly just mx and dunes in dune season.

the only type i put on the paper that i sent with the shocks was mx so ill see how they turn out
i have had 2 sets done by gtt
1 for dunes and 1 for mx. the mx is stiffer and doesnt bottom out at the track, when i rode the dune quad at the track it bottomed and hit the frame all the time, but... the shocks were built for 22" front and 20" rear tires so with my 20-18 mx tires i would except it to hit.

at the dunes the dune quad is alot softer and more enjoyable to ride.

my next quad will get GTT rebuilds as well im 100% happy
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