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Got too excited and....

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Got my head and carb back from Racers Edge AZ yesterday and started putting it together. Well I guess I was a little in the moment and put the chain guide in upside down. Didnt noticed until I had gotten done installing the air box. SH*T!!! Funny thing is, Ive done that once before. Taking it back down today after work. SH*T!! Hoping for some good power gains from the big bore, head, carb. Moral of the story......Dont get ahead of yourself.

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been there done that...
you chose wisely..

you will be makin some sick power with that, i almost hit 60 with a 470 pump gas/stock intake/stock crank build.
I would be happy with mid 50's. My buddy and his kfx700(bored to 800) are really sweatin bullets now. I was easily pulln 3 bikes out of the hole on him with the standard bore no headwork setup. Uh-oh.

Ive done that before. Sucks. I didn't notice til I tried to put on the valve cover.

Now whenever I take it apart, I write the word "UP" on the side that goes up.
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