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good for me?

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i am thinking of buying a brand new 07 trx450r. this will be my fist 450 and i want to race mx with it. any advice on what terain i should practice? we have a big sand pit where my buddies ride their dirtbikes and i have been told that if you can ride good in sand you can ride any teran good but i don`t know. any help would be great
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Just get it and ride where ever you can. Any practice is going to help. Eventually you will need to get onto a track, either professional or home built.
how do i need to break it in. i don`t want to break anything before i get it broke in
2 ways

drive it like you stole it


just take it easy for the first couple hours. then slowly start working up the speed like i did
Alot of guys wont agree with this but i have owned numerous new quads and i always break them in just like im going to ride them. They always seem to run better that way after break in and if something is going to fail, thats when i want it to do it because of warranty. Everytime i unload a new one i run the living sh** out of it for about 3 or 4 hours then change the oil.
get her warmed up and run her hard through the gears and come back down through the gears using the engine as a brake. then run her like you stole it and change th oil like every one said.
thank alot guys i`m going tomorrow to look at one. i hope they have an all black one
i wouldnt buy a new well i wouldnt. for the price you buy that brand new one you can get a raced out one maybe even cheaper. if i could go back in time and not have bought a new 450r i would of got a USED good quad with mods already in it... Modding gets addicted and it sucks when you have no money
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