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good 04-05 450r & 250r upgrades

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Going to try this one more time before i head off over seas. All prices are shipped to con US.

TRX 450R parts....
-Custom Axis long travel rear with houser linkage (set up for 170lb XC).....$500
-TCS triple rate long travel front shocks reworked by Custom Axis (set up for 170lb XC).....$525...SOLD
-Elka Elite quad rate long travel front shocks (set up for 165lb MX) (great shape).....$1000
-Houser +1.25" swingarm.....$400
-Houser Tric Trac Slicast +2" long travel a-arms in good shape with minimal dings.....$700
-Houser +.5" long travel a-arms with some decent wear to them (nothing harming the use, just cosmetic).....$325
-UM pro peg nerfs with heal guards and all mounting gear.....$140
-Venom 12.25:1 2 ring piston with approx 5 hours on it.....$130...SOLD
-Pro Circuit full exhaust with fresh packing (a couple minor dings in the can).....$130

TRX 250R Part....
-AC pro peg nerfs in good shape (off an '86), don't have the mounting pegs anymore though.....$100
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Just wondering how much for the piston shipped to Canada, R0K2A0 thanks
sorry, but the piston has been sold.
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