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FTR Hare Scramble

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Here is my quad at the line.
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Here I am with my quad at the line.
This is the start of my row. We start facing our quads with a dead engine start. We run back jump on it start them and go. You notice the two poles with the banner hanging on them in the upper right hand corner. That is where we are all going to squeeze through.
How'd you do? Most importantly, did you kick some blue @ss? :D B)
Here we are getting off of the line. I had 19 quads in my line. The start wasn't bad. It was very dusty. My friend isn't very good at taking action shots. He spends too much time watching.
This is the closet he came to an action shot. I had just come throught the scoring tent. You can see it to the left. We just started using transponders to be scored instead of being scanned like they used to do. It took 5 hours to post the scores so I could stick around for the results. Now they are on the internet and I was scored 1 lap short. I was scored in 11th. When It should have been 7th. I still had fun thats all that matters when your not getting paid. You can check it out at
What class do you run in? Are there any hills or anything, everything I've seen in florida is flat.
I run in the B class. That is why I have a "B" in my number. Some of the tracks in north Florida have hills but this one didn't.
I've seen your avatar a thousand times, I don't know why I even asked. Where in florida is this track? did it have any jumps?
that number 13b, nailed the holeshot.
He won the race too, but he is good enough to ride in the A class.
Originally posted by TRX450R_Racer@May 19 2004, 07:10 PM
He won the race too, but he is good enough to ride in the A class.
I luv people like that........ :wacko:

Give us B guys a shot......
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i raced dirtbikes on tha Eastcoast GNCC, i just got a TRX 450 and ima race it in 2 weeks...what is racing cross country with no hills like, lol, its really hilly were ive raced, never raced where there wasnt a bunch huge freakin hills, expecially in KY, i was just wonderin....
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