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Hey guys, anyone from wayup-upstate NY or Ontario interested in a local MX/XC summer series? A new track near Belleville, ON is putting this together. THis is from their page;

" The Summer Series Challenge, has been designed for the young, and the young at heart, who are looking for a Fun, Family oriented place to ride and have some friendly competition. The Series has been structured around our kids, and the beginner, who would like to get their feet wet, in organized racing, to anyone that is looking for friendly competition without the stress of winning or losing. This Series is about meeting new people, bringing friends and family together, and having fun doing the sport we love. The Series will consist of 5 weekend long events, with two events to be held at Bayside Riders BTB (Click On Name To Enter Baysides Site), with XC races on Saturday, and MX races on Sunday, and an awards ceremony at the end of the season. At the end of each race day, we will have awards for the Tykes, and Mini classes. The full schedule is now on the Schedule Page."

2015 Summer Series Challange Info & Registration

I know a few guys that plan on showing up..
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