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Here at we often get asked questions about Flywheels so here's some basic info on the subject ... Enjoy !

Q: Why would I swap out my flywheel?

A: There are a few reasons why you might consider this:

1. Ever find yourself in the woods, riding through tight, twisty, rocky trails, and the quad is constantly stalling; you're over using your clutch to control the speed, and you're getting worn out?

2. Ever find yourself riding in the dunes and wishing for just a little more throttle response? Something extra to put your quad in front in a sand drag?

3. Ever find yourself on a MX track wanting more snap as you come out of a corner?

4. Have you got some vibration in your motor? It may be your flywheel!

5. Another benefit to running a aftermarket flywheel is to increase your machine's lighting potential. Trailtech claims to boost the stator output by 30-50%.

Q: Why would I want to add weight to my flywheel?

A: Adding weight increases inertia, which reduces the quad's tendency to stall at low speeds, also riding with a heavier flywheel will reduce arm pump and prolong the onset of fatigue by making the power more smooth. If you are just going to be trailriding you may want to add some weight.

Q: What effect will a heavier flywheel have on traction?

A: The machine will hook up better in soft terrain, and pull stronger(more tractor like).

Q: Why would I reduce the weight of my flywheel?

A: Removing weight decreases inertia, which increases throttle response - more snap. Sand sucks power away from a quad, increasing throttle response is a good thing. It is amazing that something as inexpensive as a flywheel can provide such a performance gain. Alot of dragracers and mx'ers do this modification.

Q: With decreasing the inertia does that take away from bottom end torque?

A: Yes, but not as much as some people assume, on the 450r dropping 5oz from the flywheel would make very little difference in the bottom end, not enough to take away from the overall performance of the flywheel. A -5oz will rev a lot faster than stock and add horsepower from mid to top.

Q: What else would be a good modification to make when lightening the flywheel?

A: Adding a rev box would be a great idea, without one look to be hitting the rev limiter quite a bit more often.

Q: Do I have to buy a new flywheel? Can't I just have the stock one shaved?

A: No, you don't have to but a new flywheel but before you let just anyone do the work on it ask them if they have a balance machine.

Q: What is the importance of having a balanced flywheel?

A: A flywheel that has not been balanced properly can fly apart costing you big bucks, plus it will be adding more wear and tear on the engine, mainly bearings. Having a balanced flywheel will greatly also reduce engine vibration, from the factory this has been more of a problem in the YFZ than it has been in the TRX. Generally a stock flywheel can be balanced for around 20 dollars.

As you can see on this YFZ flywheel, no compensation has been made for the ignition trigger. :(

This is what the should have done from the beginning instead of leaving it to the aftermarket companies

Q: What size flywheels are available at this time?

A: As of right now Trailtech has finished up their testing and developement stage and has started to produce 450r flywheels in the following sizes: -5oz, +4oz, and a +8oz.

Q: The CRF and TRX engines are similar can't I just use a CRF flywheel?

A: No, not without several modifications. The ignition and ignition curve, the stator, and the mounting for the stator all keep this from becoming a easy swap. Sparks Racing has an ignition/flywheel kit they sell which is basically all stuff pulled off the CRF and modified to fit the TRX, you can purchase this kit to the tune of 800 dollars. Don't expect to get any better of a deal that that, there is not much mark-up in this product at all.

Q: Will I need any special tools to get the old flywheel off?

A: It would be wise to invest in a flywheel puller, you can find them for under 45 dollars. Don't forget to pick up a side casing gasket too!

This is a TRX450R flywheel being balanced :D

Stay tuned to this thread for hands on testing on the trailtech flywheel as soon as it becomes available, I have one of the 1st ones pre ordered and it should be here by mid-october!
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