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First Race

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I just competed in my first race ever, in the Arkansas Harescramble series. It was a blast. I finished 6th out of 9 entries in the ATV-C class, so I think I did pretty well. However, I had the best finish of everyone. My wife and one of my friends were there waiting for me with the ballcap and beershower like I'd just won the Daytona 500. It just doesn't get any better than that.
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Man, that sounds like fun! Mattyfz450 and I where supposed to race today, It would have been my 1st one also but it was cancelled because of stormy weather.

Did you get any pictures?
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I'm glad you had a good time & tried our series.

I am one of the officers of the series & maintain the website for the AHSCS. I was not able to make the race today at Hwy 89 (quad torn apart with a suspension rebuild), but I trust they did a good job without me

How was the turnout today?

Hope you plan on attending more of our events - Keep an eye out for the green #199 400EX at future races & come by and say "Hi".
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I did get some pictures, but I need to figure out how to get them on here. My wife got most of them of just me (I was pretty far back behind the pack), but she also got a few from the start. There was a pretty good turnout. There were 4 entries in the pro class, probably about 6 or 8 in the B class, and 9 in the C class. There were about twice as many turned out for the dirt bikes. I'll play around with the pics this week and try to get them posted. When and where is the next race in the series? I'd like to check it out, even though I may not enter. I was wore out after that race Saturday. I'm not too sure I'm prepared to do it on a regular basis.
If you made it thru your first race, you have it whipped, they'll get easier from here on out.

The next race is Saturday June 19th - at Durham Arkansas (Near Fayetteville). This course hasn't been raced on in a few years, so there should be some good trail out there.

We have a website that has lots of info if you haven't checked it out before.
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