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feeling stupid, cant install my ac nerf bars!

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Well i get the old ones off easy enough and begin to instal my new propegs but....I get into the nuts and bolts of it but it doesnt add up four nuts and bolts, to spacers and a few washers.

Well the main bracket runs 2 bolts plus the front bolt on each side, that adds up to six and I only have four, so I think run the to factory bolts that held the original pegs on but they dont torque down tight enough so... I am stuck, i dont know if I have been shorted a couple of bolts or what. A simple diagram would of really helped, I dont know why they wouldnt have put one in the box....

If anyone can help I would really appreciate it, and PLEASE dont laugh I am already frusterater I cant figure out a simple bolt on.
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Well I know one thing, there were definatly suppose to be insrtuctions with this setup, "a"is printed on the metal where the two sides meet up so...

Ive figured out the bracket that slides into the tube under the footpeg I now just need to figure out the front bolt/spacer/nut/washer setup. I need to know how many washers to run and in what position.

I know schmitthead, hope I spelled that correctly is running these on his project bike, if u chime in please help.
I figured it out.
I'm glad you got it figured out. When you PM'ed me you should have let me know that you have propegs, and I wouldn't had sent you instructions for the standard nerfs lol. I guess thats why you were wondering why I was talking about drilling an extra hole into the footpegs huh? :lol:
LOL, exactly. I am still surprised by the fact that they dont predrill holes and especiallyTHAT THEY DONT INCLUDE DIRECTIONS!!!!

Thanks for the help though :D
i got nerfs for my 400 recently.. I heard AC products dont usually fit perfectly. I had to drill two holes [one on each side]. Not too hard. I ordered mine off ebay brand new, but the dude took out the instructions! LOL i got it anyways.
Im also suprised there wasnt any directions. but after i slid the nerfs on (before i bolted them), i could tell were the spacers and bolts and stuff go. I still havent got my peg drilled
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When I put pro-pegs on my z, they fit poorly and all of the mounting hardware wasn't included. Although once they were on they were nice. If I buy nerfs for my r , I'll get x-factors. I saw a set at DAR at the entrance to silverlake sand dunes for $239.95! I was amazed they had a product for less than what you can buy it somewhere else......
Mine were difficult to install also. The front bracket didn't line up very well with the frame mount. It fit after some grinding/bending/massaging. Not what I would expect from an outfit like AC Racing. No instructions with mine either and if you go to their website, the instructions linked to the 450r are for the YFZ. Very amaturish if you ask me. If you develop a product, you should at least photo the initial production pair install.

They are nice once they are on though and have great welds.

After a weekend of riding I have decided that the bars are great looking and do what they are suppose to do, my feet were glued to them and when the slid they were not going far. But thats it, I had to tighten them after every long ride, as someone stated before, let are loose fitting. I will not buy ac products anymore.
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