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feeler......... what's it worth. ballpark. anyone interested?

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my cousin has this quad. considering parting it out. it has many other aftermarket parts that i will post later after he gets me a list of them.

but these are the big 2.

as it says.... houser frame. 250r geometry on this one. no bends. was intended for motocross but never happened. since 04 it has only seen hillclimbs. very few rides.

i believe these go for somewhere in the $4000 range new???? if someone knows better...... correct me.

if anyone is interested, shoot me a pm. and i can give you an idea what he's wanting out of it. don't know if there is any wiggle room??? cause its not a have to sell. he just wants to build a bigger banshee.

other is a 03 crf 511. just had the HR +3 added this winter. maybe has 5 hours on it. athena big bore........ HC3.... i believe the port work is just a clean up from a local guy. so it probably can have additional work as well. i can check on that. same deal. shoot me a pm and we can discuss price.

just wanted to see what kind of response these would get. before tearing bike apart and being left with just a frame and engine.

i know the frame is a right person sell. thought maybe someone on here would be in the market. not to many motocrossers round here.

if anyone has additional questions........ ask and if i dont know i'll find out.
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here's a pic of the whole bike



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what kind of front end does he have on there if its a plus two im interested. how much?
sorry....... i have been away for a few days. just started some college classes.

let me give him a call and find out more details. and i will get back.

clarify for me though......... are you interested in just the a arms??? of the whole frame with a arms??

pretty sure his price will include the arms as well.

the shocks i will get info on as well.

give me a day and i will know more.

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what kind of front end does he have on there if its a plus two im interested. how much?[/b]

got info. this front end is standard travel. sorry.

when i get an entire list of stuff from this bike, i will post it with prices.

lots of aftermarket goodies on this one as it was a frame up build.

the wheels-tires, plastic, and front elka's are possibly sold to someone local. if not i will post them up. this is nice stuff. hardly ridden.

i did get prices on the frame and motor.

frame, sub frame and steering stem...... 1500.00

motor plus crf harness......... 1800.00

not my prices guys......... just relaying the info. if interested....... let me know and i'll see if there is wiggle room.

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