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What is your fav exhaust company??

  • HMF

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  • sparks

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  • LRD

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  • FMF

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  • White Bros

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  • yoshimura

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  • pro circuit

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  • CHM

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  • Dr. D (Dubach Racing) added 8/10/04

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what do ya like?? and y??
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I have to say WB...but I havent had experience with very many pipes..I will try another when I get my R
I love the sound and power of Yoshi's, just not the price. I haven't had good experiences with FMF. WB, HMF, Sparks and the others seem to be good quality, power and decently priced. If i had to buy one right now it would be a HMF or Sparks, maybe Yoshi if i had the cash.
I loved my FMF exhaust i had on my 400ex
i had the megamax II silencer and powerbomb header and couldnt been more pleased
Ive been leaning towards the factory 4 pipe when i get my R but ive been hearing nothing but good about HMF
Originally posted by TrX450rKiD@Mar 21 2004, 12:00 AM
I have to say WB...but I havent had experience with very many pipes..I will try another when I get my R
Hey guys i like the hmf pipe for the 450 the best it gives 7 more horses and sounds great and has good low and top end. and its not that expensive.
^^^Yeah, I will probably go with the HMF for my R when I get it. I LOVE the look of the WB Carbon Pro, but it cost 750 bucks. I want to know where the power gains are with the carbon Bill Ballance pipe from HMF, but the reps havent been on for a while...
I am partial to the hmf but if i had the chance i would definately try out diffrent pipes. but i love my hmf

The most power, hitting dB levels, cool looks!

The only issue, they haven't come out with the 450R yet.

The one that I have on my 400EX is incredible! The peak power increase is 5hp+, with a dB level of 89dB! I love it, a company that builds power quietly!

I had the Yosh Tri-oval Titanium on my KFX400. Loved it! The quality and workmanship was second to none. Amazing mid-range power for that bike! Super light-weight system.

Still deciding on what to go with on the 450R...

you forgot about DMC!!!! i think its the best!
I had to say HMF for their love of the sport and their great customer service...... they are everywhere when ever you need them.... expecially on the GNCC trail..... they will help anyone that has their exhaust and even the ones that dont have their exhausts...... that is just dedication IMO for the sport and trying to get everyone out and rideing ......
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Had Yoshi. on a Raptor and a 400ex. You can't beat the looks, sound and performance of these pipes. Price is another matter of course.
yeah u better be kidding those things r retarded
I have a Sparks on my 400EX, and I love it. My girlfriend has an E2 White Brothers on her 450R. She likes the White Brothers a little better becouse she says the Sparks is to loud.
I love the yoshi on my 300 but if I get one for the R it will either be a hmf or chm( i think thats the name of it
) ilove the price and power gains of the hmf and love the reviews of the chm
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curtis sparks for me man,It unleashed the beast within!
I'm waiting on the Viciouscycleperformance (soon to be)Patented PULSE CHARGER!!!
LTE just emailed me and said the 450r exhaust is is like 7--something.....with jets quite cores and all that.....its a little pricey.....but they should be good.....i cant wait to see one on the 450 i think it looks sick
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