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How to get an avatar (the picture under the user name in each post) and text under each of your posts (signature).

Step by step
1 click my controls in the top tool bar
2 click Edit avatar settings in the side toolbar that appears
3 here you have three choices

{A} you can pick from a predetermined set of avatars by selecting an album and clicking GO to show the choices, click the image you desire and click use selected avatar.

{B} if the image is on another site or you have already hosted it, then you must find the picture, right click on the picture, select properties, then copy and paste the url, then click update avatar.

{C} if the image is saved on your computer (no larger than 100 x 100 pixels and smaller than 85kb in file size)** click the browse button and find the picture you wish to use, click open, click update avatar.

** if the image is to large you can email it to me and i can shrink it down to the correct size for you. So if you have a cool pic but it is to big, just let me know.


For the print under each post (signature)

Again click my controls and click edit signature on the left side toolbar
On the page that displays, enter the text you want be in your signature (a sig can be seen by all members, you also have the option at the bottom of each post whether to enable your sig in that particular post or not). click update signature and that should be it.


How to post pictures.

So you have a picture of your bike you wanna show off, or perhaps a funny pic you found on the net, but you don’t know how to post it so others can see? Well here is the solution.

For a picture on your hard drive you want to post start at step 1, for pictures already on the internet start at step 2.

1. You must have an account with an image hosting website, in order to do this. I like using it is free, no spamming, large bandwidth limit, and large storage limit. Sign up for an account and then upload the pictures onto the site.

2. Find the picture you want use, right click on the image, click properties, highlight the address (url), copy the address (ctrl + c), close the properties box.

3. Go back to the forum, in the toolbar for the message box there is an IMG button, click it, a box will pop up wanting a url address, paste the url you copied before (ctrl + v) into the box, click ok and text should appear in the window.

4. To make sure it works, click preview post, the image should appear in the preview section. If it doesn’t you screwed up somewhere. You can also post more than one picture in a single post, there is a maximum of 10 pictures per a post. You can also add text before or after each picture, like normal.


If you are having any difficulties please send a Personal Message to the admin or a moderator, and they should be able to help.

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