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Faction MX Exhaust Valves

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Well i did a search and found nothing. i was on rocky mountain and noticed these valves cost a little more than the kibble white black diamonds. does anyone have any info on these valves. just trying to find the best stuff for my engine

Faction MX Exhaust Valves 65.00 a set. heres the link...
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If your trying to find a good deal give us a call. Our price on Faction MX Exhaust valves are 57.00
I haven't personally ran a set, so I couldn't tell you how they hold up under hard conditions.

Take Care
I wouldn't run them but thats just me
faction is not a valvetrain MAKING company... they are a valvetrain SELLING company....

everything they sell comes from known manufacturers...and you can find them if you look around
ok thanks for the input guys :rock:
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