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this week im sending my head off for porting . who do you guys thing i should send it to sparks ct racing venom dasa these are all i know off . so whos the best and good prices
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My bike runs venom and its been awesome, ya could send it to KBR and get one of the new CNC venom heads , but RAGE ,DASA,SPARKS,Racers Edge AZ , are all great and wont steer ya wrong, some will have better wait times then others, and some cheaper as well
cnc would be the best but what is fair price? i was thing on a big bore kit but now im just going with a good head job lol and 13or 14 -1 piston i think its the best for my budget.
ur gunna have anywhere from 400-700 for a port job with parts, add HD springs, bigger vlaves, guides ,seals etc it can easily mount to a 1000
I would use DASA, Racers Edge, Or Rage for the porting.
I would use DASA, Racers Edge, Or Rage for the porting.[/b]
rade ? they have a web sit?

best turn around time of any shop you can find, period... usually just 1-2 days. makes amazing power. give em a call.
One thing to keep in mind with rage is they was just hit by a hurricane in houston and will be down for a couple weeks i think, but they are great people
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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