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engine stand pics please

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Please post some pics of your engine stand. I have searched and only found two I want to get some ideas before I build mine Thanks
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harbor freight ITEM 2792-9VGA this is what i got, works good for me
Not a lift for my quad a stand for the motor when its out of the frame and I dont want to spend $800 on the tyko mods one either.
just buy some 1" X 1" thin wall steel tube and weld one together. Shouldnt take more then 30 bucks and an hour.
2"x4"s cut to make a box. I think it is about 12"x12" but not sure. Just use your motor as a guide and see what size will work the best.
Ya thanks I am done with mine
Let's see a pic of what you did.
I know you guys dont see yamaha motors getting worked on near as much as honda so here you go.

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Very nice should make some for the honda and sell them.
Ya right its not that nice. Only two or three of my welds on there looked decent I ground down the rest. It was super easy to make. If any one wants one near me buy the steel and bring over your cases.
What do you mean it's not that nice?! It looks great. The only thing I would fab on it is something that lets you rotate the motor 360 degrees.
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