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Engine Question give me your opinion please

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Ok guys I'm new to the 450r world. I just traded my 660 raptor for a built 450r. Here is the list of parts in it. 101mm nmotion cylinder, HC3, Nmotion drag pipe, direct drive lockup, venom port work +1 valves, stock stroke falicon rod, new tranny, 12.5.1 cp piston and a 44mm lectron.

I was wondering if the hc3 cam and the compression piston I'm running is good for this build. The motor was built by KBR the guy I bought it from said it dynoed 58 hp. can't remember what he said the torque was. I was looking into the web208 and a 14.25 piston. What do you guys think.
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i would talk to KBR if they are the ones that built the motor. they would have the best idea about what to do next. not everyone here is a fan of web cams. if you want extra maintenance and extra cost to run it go for it. and the higher compression will give you a couple extra ponies at the expense of race fuel
if you have a stage 3 now, and go to a web 208 your really not going to notice a big enough difference to be worth it. spec to spec they are very very close! i would stick with the hot cam for sure.
i would bump up compression also!
58 hp?????
i thought the 101 and the porting would have put down bigger numbers!!!
58 hp?????
i thought the 101 and the porting would have put down bigger numbers!!![/b]

here we go again? i hope not. he wants a piston and cam suggestion.
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