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Elka shocks

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found a killer deal on a full LT set perfect for the arms i have choosen and it has the rear with the dual linkage!! I never see anything about elka on the site is this a good shock to go with?? BTW ill be using +1 houser LT arms, and stock swinger
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you'd need to find out if the shocks were set up for an 05 or 06, not so much for the front but the rear would make a big difference.

Im running an Elka dual pro link and shock on my 05 with an 06 swinger. I like it alot and its night and day difference over the stocker componets.
ditto, find out if the shocks are factory valving or set up by someone else. This can make a big difference. I really am pleased with my Elkas though.
my rear elka elite with dual link is awesome, years better then stock
I love my elkas man so it aint all bad with elka I think most ppl say whatever they are running is the best, and I aint saying that but I will say they are awesome compared to some I have ridden
rollin on elkas all the way around. awesome ride.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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