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electric carb heater?

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has anybody noticed that heater thing on the left side of the carb? and now what its for?
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I couldnt find anything else but this but it makes sense.

"electric heater system improves driveability and ensures smooth operation in cold conditions."
on sleds they heat the carb so it makes sence for them to put one on if you are going to be riding it cold weather but in hot weather i'd think you would not what it because it would make the gas hotter and that would make the motor hotter
they heat this carb so it will run better in cold has one becasue this carb has a throttle position sensor....if you are in a warm climate, simply re-route the radiator hoses around the carb, this mod helps keep the carb cooler. No it will not heat the gas up and make your engine run hotter, what this does is allow the air thats comming into the engine to be cooler....they heat the carb so that the air coming into it is warmer,,,,,its simply to make it run smoother and more reliable...however having the air cooler gives you more power....the cooler the air comming in, the more power you get....I am into Import racing, and they have this mod on all the honda cars.....simply bypass the coolant to the intake manifold....However you do not want to do this if you ever ride in cold will make it run like poop.....hope this helps.
is it possible that carb heater is only on 2005 and down? I have a 2006 and I dont see it.. I only find the part number for 2005...
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