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dynatek has an ignition coil out now

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I saw this on ebay and thought I'd throw it up becaseu I run a Dyno Prog ignition... Dont suppose anyone has tried it yet? I can assume the 2hp gain is complete bull

I guess since we have a monster coil and others they followed suit..seems reasonably priced though on ebay was 109 shipped.... :question:


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Yea, 2hp is hard to swallow. Must be real new. Would be nice to hear someone test son it to see if there are any gains.
2004 - 2006? What did they change about the 07+ coil?
Hi, Does anyone know if a stock 04'-05' ignition coil will fit on an 07' ?
i have run this coil on my 08 trx450r for about 2 years.

when i tested the coil i saw .10 hp and .20 tq gain throught the whole rpm
range. no 2 hp

i still say it is a good change.

as far as i know all the coils 04-2009 are the same.
almost ALL CDI style coils are identical plus/minus their size and capability.

In order to see any true gains from a stronger COIL and Stator output, you need to increase your plug gap.....throwing on a stronger coil using the same plug gap will = same spark energy for the most part, unless your plug is fouled and misfiring....

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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