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i dont have a pic of what i got off the bolt, but it felt/looked almost like stringy rubber.

i took my trans drain bolt out, and drained as usual. when i went to insert it again, the bolt threaded in about 4 turns normal. then it hit a rough spot in the threads. i put the ratchet on it, and its consistant tension all the way to tight. its not that much tension, or i wouldnt have continued threading.

i did that, and pulled the bolt out and had some small black pieces on the threads. it was stringy like rubber and black. it wasnt metal shavings, im not sure what this is or could be.

i ended up dumping a bunch of transmission fluid through it, turning trans over by hand, and flushing it. did that with 1 bottle and then i just put the bolt back in and filled it. the threads got better, but not normal still.

what would you all do from here? im going to the dunes tomorrow, if it holds the ride, im thinking get the fluid hot and draining it and then checking..
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