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Cutting out high speed

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Just put on my new dasa classic and hrc jet kit and it seems like it cuts out before it should in 5th gear now. Before the exhaust it seemed like it went a little faster then it is now and it wasn't hitting the limiter, which is kind of what it seems like its doing now at a lower speed then it should. It's only doing this when held wide open in 5th gear for a few seconds. Jetting is 180 main, 50 pilot, hrc needle on the 3rd clip and a/f 2.5 turns out airbox lid off. Based on driving next to it in a car it was going about 76-78ish before the exhaust without cutting out and now starts to cut out at 75. Not sure if it's a problem or if I was just on the edge of the limiter when it was stock. Stock gearing and tires. Seems to run great besides this. Thanks for any help!
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Whats your plug look like?

Jetting could possibly be off...try a different main and see if it gets better or worse.

If this is an 04/05 bike...I'd try a 185 or 190 main.

If its an 06/07/08 bike...a 180 main seems a little rich.
Alright, it's on 04 forgot to say that. How fast should it be going off the limiter in 5th about? I know the gearing calculator says 82mph and if thats accurate I don't think I'm getting near that. The plug didn't look to bad but I'l try switching mains and see if that helps.
Is there anything else it could possibly be? Going to be messing with it tomorrow and wanted to know of any other places to look. Is it possible not enough fuel is getting into the carb somehow?
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