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custome air box lid

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Here is my custom air box lid. I think I did pretty good fo using a old windsheild off of a mule and a grinder. LOL

let me know what yous think.

and there are alot more holes drilled in it now.


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Looks good, You could have just drilled the stock one out to though right? unless you did something else special.
Heres my custom bought one :lol2: I love thesse lid covers!
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Yes I could of but I cut out the back sextion and was drilling some holes in it after and was using a drill press, was just holding it with one hand and going to fast, so it jamed up and flew the lid at the back half of the drill and shattered it LOL
hey vcforlife where did you get that air box cover?
hey vcforlife where did you get that air box cover?[/b] Little on teh expensive time but i love them. Second quad ive put one on(going to be). And they look good too, you can get all diffrent colors! Not much besides air get through there btw!
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