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Hey guys,

Since I've moved to sactown for school I have no time to go riding!!!!! Suck's .......... Anyways, I need to sell my CRF to get my girl off my back!!!! The bike has ODI grips and a new front rim. Other than that it is stock!!!! Some of you may know that the 450X is electric and kick start and has running lights!!! This is perfect for you guys that like to go on night rides!!! I've only rode it for 3 day trips so it is barly broken in!!! The bike is started and warmed up every week or so!!!!!! The bike has Motul synthetic oil in the engine and trans, the chain and air cleaner where cleaned every ride....... So, in other words the bike is well maintained!!! Bike is in S.D. right now!!!!

Asking $5500

PM me if you have any questions!!!!

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