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Crankcase breather

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Have any of you guys experimented with porting a passage from the crankcase into the oil saperater in the case to reduce the pressure in the crankcase!!! I was thinking of doing this but I cant decide if there needs to be pressure in the crankcase the help push the oil out!!!!

What you guys think!!!! Should I do it?
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I just use a small filter breather (APC-Autozone) right on the case and works very well
I just use a small filter breather (APC-Autozone) right on the case and works very well[/b]
My current setup use two filters and two separt breather hose!!!

I was wondering if it might help with ring seal and help the motor spin better!!!
i never thought about opening it up, but.. on a gsxr1100 we installed a vacuum to the case to reduce the oil mist and gained a little over 3hp so it might help. im not sure about needing the pressure or not.
i would think that you want a negitave pressure on the crank case........the piston would not have to push the air under the piston out as it is pushed down by the explosion of the a/f mixture during a vaccume, the piston will travel down with less it should turn up faster.......if you notice your stock air box has the vents plummed in so it will draw air out of the crank case......but how do you do that with an esr intake or other types of aftermarket intakes?.......just a thought.......bryan
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