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Couple Pics , SHort Vids

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Went to walden today it was a nice day for the most part alot of people showed up for racing etc, to start my bike wont stay started and is hard to start, 1st went out ran like sh1t missing alot of the bottom and it wouldnt get out of the hole , so i came back dropped from a 160 to a 150 main jet and took the FCI intake off it wasnt mounting very well,put the ESR intake on, i also switched out the 6 paddle padla brats to the 7 paddle haulers,still had a slight miss off the bottom , Terse told me to unplug the TPS and that helped it had no hesitation/miss like it had,

Went back out to where every1 was racing and i still got slaughtered, i was getting outta the Hole great but couldnt keep the front end down or even keep up once we got moving good,

Erics ( Tersejr ) bike is FAST he was beating me probally by 20 lengths ( No Joke) its embarassing to say what size my bike is etc it ran so bad,it felt at times why riding it that it was pulling good and would whip ya back in the seat, but when lined up u could tell it was slow, my bike used to be neck n neck with a 727 raptor when it was a 480 now at the 533 its slower then the 727, but i raced n raced..

my bike needs tuned desperately it needs the plus 6 put on and gunna go from there,

as most know i was gunna run in FSA next winter but if things dont improve i wont be entering my bike, i know its not competitive as it sits..

i got some more pics and such ill post hem in a bit there off my better camera
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fcking pictures wont edit to make the str8
the bikes, ya ya i know the tapes gotta go

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beatiful scenery Jim... that things sounds like a runner sounds like she is idle to wide open in half a heart beat.. Great build.
It is a good build it just needs tuned and the proper setup. I need need more time with it to get it right..
tuning makes all the difference... a proper tune can turn a turd into a beast.
u are right DEW I didn't realize I was that far off.. and funny u say turd that's what my bike was
On the starting is 100-110 psi too much for the decomp? thats abround what it was set at, and my bro cant even start it anymore, it takes some force to get it running..
get the long swingarm on and get it on a dyno.
it'll save your self someheadaches but make u happy on the next trip
nice pics and i agree with you on the tape thing.

ill probally wait to dyno tune till I get back to az in the next few weeks,im gunna do the swingarm this week.

if I find the videos ill post them but we had a king of the dunes and It was between a ds1000 a 812 rappy and a 10mill shee, they was wicked fast
wow man...533? get that thing tuned and hold the hell on!
definately needs tuned, more then just engine, gearing,tires, etc,

it still moves ok, i could still beat quads even with my big azz on it, but its not at its full potential right now
have you done a post ride inspection and everything looking ok on that power plant ?
I haven't tore the top end apart other then the couple times when it was buttoned up and when it had about 30-45mins on it..I've done 2 oil changes nice n clean etc..

it will be tore down this week for a thorough inspection
Sup Jim! Man I only have about 6 pictures cuz my battery was dead and not much memory card :banghead: The shee in the last race I could beat as Correy on his shee beat it, and I could beat Correy (until he put back on the brats), not to mention it seemed to me he only lined up for the final runs, and not from the beginning, and from what I seen while racing the 812cc Raptor and the DS1000cc (in that 1 race) the DS1000cc barely beat the 812cc. I never seen anything that could come close to me from another 450 based quad, or for that matter I don't recall any one beating me consistently. Good times. :_specialED:

Good tune.
Chassis set up better.
More paddles.

That alone can make a huge difference. Sorry I missed ya at camp. It was a last minute decision to park by the restroom closest to the drags. Correy is talking about another Walden trip before the season is really over for up there, and a few KS. dunes trips. Not sure when though.
definitely fun, speciallly watching all u fast guys..

ill keep ya posted when im gunna fly south , id like togo back one more time after a little tuning. so let me know..
couple more videos

from left to right

727 raptor , my bike , 544 KTM outlaw , banshee
me vs 727 raptor horrible start for me
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