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complete set ITP t-9's

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well i was going to keep these but due to some bearings blowing out they have got to go

ill get pics tomoro they are like brand new, hardly any use on them at all includes valve stems

165 shipped for all 4

if your interested and want to send paypal tonight i will go get pictures for you now
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Damn, excellent price shipped. Wish i had the money to buy but this whole cam install process keeps going wrong costing me more parts haha! Good luck with sell
Great price. If you still have them by Friday they are might end up on my R. Awsome seller quick shipping.
Great price. If you still have them by Friday they are might end up on my R. Awsome seller quick shipping.[/b]
i would like for them to end up on your R
thanks man

will seperate set

100 shipped for the front
80 shipped for the rear
where have i seen these before? :whistle:
i know someone somewhere needs a good set of rims

i would also trade/partial for a few things like cams, rear grab bars, steering stem new tires, i dunno just offer lol
ttt, ive got a feelin someone wants these today!!!
ttt, ive got a feelin someone wants these today!!![/b]

Hmmm..... Sounds Interesting... A couple Questions First... How do you pick appropriate size tires for Rims.... And How hard is it to Put tires on these rims... I HAve little Experince with tires, besides removing lug nuts and swapping whole rims with Tires... I was looking for a spare set with tires, but a good deal on rims may be hard to pass up...
well these fronts are standard honda size and offset (basically the stock honda rims are 5.5" wide and 3.5+2 offset and they are very easy to mount, just put the tire on it and inflate to no more than about 30psi and leave the valve stem out the rears are 8" which are 1" smaller tyhan stock which makes it harder to bend the edge of the rim because the tire has more sidewall, alot of racers use 8" because they are more durable

if i needed them i would keep em but this is like my 4th set of wheels and i just dont need this many lol
please someone buy these lol, make me a offer!!

they are in my way and i need the money!!
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