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For those of you interested in MX racing in Canada, check out CMRC's web site.

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How Good are the Average Riders In Atv Beginner Class in the Crmc, Im Really Interested In Joining A fEw Races but i Dont Wanna Get Swamped.
i live in canada a watched one race people were riding 400ex and blasters in the class so you will not finsh last
o that's pretety far from were i live, i live in sault ste marie
I dont care wat they ride really, im more worried bout there skills, haha, cuz they just to say i could be on a blaster na sumone that cant ride good on my bike could take it and i could ride circles around them haha, that wat i mainly wanted to know, sorry if i wasnt to clear.
Yeah, I'm in the South-western ontario area.

There is usually only 2 classes, Junior and Pro. You will have no problem starting in Junior, that's where all the beginners start. There are someimtes a Blaster or the like, but mostly 400EXs, LTZ400, predetors, 250R, Raptors, a real mix of bikes. Some are stock, most have exhaust, tires and a few things. A Kill switch is regulation, and I HIGHLY recommend nerf bars, you're suicidal to race without them!

You should just give it a try, and just TRY TO HAVE FUN! When you are starting out, the important thing is just to learn something from every race.

I had a KFX400 last year, I only got out to 3 races, but I had a blast. I did well at the Paisley RAT track, but RJ motorsport overwhelmed my stock suspension quickly (that's where I cracked my frame!
) I'm really looking forward to racing the 450R this year, I'm going to try to make it to a couple of races per month, starting in June. If you see another 450R racer, come say Hi, might just be me. My number is 76.

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Yep! At RJ they host a national, good ol' Barrie. They have practice every wed, I think I'm going this week to dial in my suspension and see how this thing is on a track! :D

Let me know if u ever decide to go to rodney, i plan pn going, as well as silver lake a,d possibly gopher dunes.
Hey what's up??
Red Rocket i think i know who you are, i raced with you at RAT track last july when it was raining and they screwed up the Jr. class standing??
i had a yellow 400ex, #99 ???

i also bought a 450r this winter... still gettting used to it, it is tipper compared to my ex that had +3 a arms and elkas and what not all done to it, but i got stuff in the works... You guys should of came down to gopher dunes... i believe there is another ATV national there this september...

anyone who wants to race come out and give it a try, you meets lot of new people, and you learn lots of things, as well as progess your riding abilities...

also check out
hope to see ya around, don't be afraid to say hi at the starting gates...
Yo! For sure I remember you! That was a crazy weekend, snapped my chain in practice, had to sneak in the main from the LCQ, then pulled off 3rd in the main somehow! :D I love RAT track in Paisley.

I missed the opener race last weekend in Gopher Dunes, but plan on going to the races there later in the year. I didn't have nerfs and I was still breaking her in. I should be hitting some races in June, I'll see you guys out there!


ya, there is a race at RAT track at the end of may... i will be there, hopefully my nerfs come in tho, still waiting for them since they were on back order for a while...

this year should be a good year...
Hey bro wereabouts from canada are ya
y don't u guys put where u are from in your Information
i am from Southwestern ontario around woodstock area (inbetween london and kitchner)
Well im from tilbury( right in the the middle of chatham and windsor really) i ride a 450 to haha and love it.
450Rbro i live in delhi which is really close to you man. Let me know when your in the area
I am always down at gopher dunes!!! that is only a couple of minutes away from you....
i usually go to most poker runs and sometimes go for pratice on the track... but the track gets real bad some times in the summer and i head into the trails there fun stuff....
planing on going to moto park sometime soon too...
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