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chevy aluminum fast burn heads

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i know these arn't 450r parts so please dont hate on me.. but i need these gone. i'll have to figure out shipping when i bought them last year it was like 50$ for shipping.

I have a set of slightly used gmpp chevy aluminum fast burn heads for gen I motors. They have oversized ferra valves and also duel coil valve springs for a max of .550 lift.

I have a set of 1.5 ratio aluminum roller rockers and a set of stud gurdles
also included are all of the guide plates and rocker studs.

I would like 1000$ for everything or 800$ for just the heads. price is some what negotiable cause i need these gone fast.

everything is here to drop the heads in and go. these are one of the best heads gmpp makes. everything here listed with the work done to the heads brand new would cost 1600$+ this is a steal i need these gone fast have bills to pay and lost interest in building my dream 383 stroker
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