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Checking intrest 480 Motor

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04 480, 14.25, Venom ported head with KW +1 exhaust and stock size intake, KW srings, HC3, stock stroke, Clutch Mod.

What would be a fair price? 15 to 20ish hours
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Id say atleast a 1-2 grand. I mean it has some good work done to it but it is used and you never get what you paid for. Stock motors go for around 1k with those ammount of hours and good condition so Maybe start at like 1500-1800? There was another motor on here with alot more work than yours and he was only asking like under 1500 and still couldnt find a buyer if im not mistaken.
there was a bottome end and cylinder just sold for 1400 for a 07, so id guess around 16-1800 would not be outrageous ,just finding the right buyer, theres probally close to a 800-900 just in the head
mabey you would be better off selling the aftermarket stuff and returning it to stock. Just a though not sure if it would workout and it would be much more work...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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