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changing banner idea

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hey, on my prelude forum it has a banner up top that has pics of all our preludes and everytime u refresh the page or goto a new one it changes the pic. idk, just throwin it out there.
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we have that. infact depot was looking for mew bikes a while ago.
ohh ok cool. ive never seen it. besides just the main page. the banner on my other forum is on every page
thats what i was talking about on the main page.
i dont even see the main page. i have the view new post set as my home page
Not that there is anything wrong with the banner, but we could have a photoshop contest and see if someone could make a better one. Just a thought.
we need a new banner, this site is so outdated!!!!!!
There's a main page?!


I just link straight into the forums also.
i like the red on black. more grafix would be cool
I think this site needs a fresh make over. starting with the start page before you enter the forum!!!!!

then the banner then the rest of the site. i been here almost 3 years, and there been almost no work done. CMON is anyone listening!! PLEASEEEEEEEEE if you need funds im sure we can get something together!

P.s. the search function sucks, that needs something to be done ASAP.

i might make a poll in the lounge forum, see what people think and maybe we can get some answers if anything will ever happen. im sure there are alot of members that would be willing to help in any way possible.
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