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Carb jetting question

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Hi, I am new to 450r's and four strokes. I finally decided to try a four stroke atv. I bought a stock 04 450r.

I removed the stock exhaust baffle and removed the airbox lid and now it will bog and die when hitting the gas.
I put the airbox lid back on and it runs pretty good but bogs every now and then and it always has one soft backfire when I turn it off.

It also has a uni air filter.

Sorry I am a newbie but I am guessing it is running lean, do I only need to change the main jet and what size should I go to with a stock exhaust with no baffle, a uni air filter and no airbox lid?

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you can start with an HRC jet kit for that year...

close will be 185MJ, 48 pilot, 2 turns out or so.... and maybe raise the needle one notch....

your WAY LEAN w/o the lid...and the removal of the baffle usually causes a lean issue as the problem has been compounded......

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