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cam upgrade

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2005 450r complete rebuild back to stock with new valve job now the heat coming off motor is extremely hot almost burns legs with jeans on should i take it back any ideas
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thinking about hot cams stage 2
thinking about hot cams stage 2[/b]
You may have an extremely lean condition causing the bike to overheat.

What jetting are you running?

Keep in mind if your not moving these bikes run real hot, straight out the header it's going to turn red even.
i would get a heat gun on the motor before you take it back apart and see what kinda temps your getting up to, i would get some engine ice or water wetter in there i like running that stuff makes my bikes run about 20 degress cooler, a stage 2 cam would make your bike run alot better
I'd check your coolant/oil level to be sure your not running low.
Then I would play with the jetting... Chances are your a little too lean.

I would figure out the problem before you installed the Hot Cam Stage II if you figure out the problem and still want one our price is 150.00

Take Care
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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