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Just wondering if anyone is gonna make the treck to Virgina next weekend? I'll be there, it'll be the first race on the new 450! :lol: :D Hopefully we have better weather than we did last year. Last year it was 80 on saturday then on sunday it snowed and they cancled the races
They even didn't let the pro's run, it was all cool though got to hang out with Creech and watch all the truck and trailers get suck in the mud. If you're going look me up i'll have a 450 i'm gonna try and make one of my nac's graphic kits work on it #13 and a nother 400ex #3 it'll either have a nac's or a dana creech graphic kit on it. me and my sister be pitted at a red 20' trailer with awning. with a black yukon towin it.
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