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Belleview Drag Race!!! Dial Up Beware!

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Went to a semi local drag race today and had a blast. Didnt race the R but I had a good time just watching and taking pics. Two of my friends were racing and one of them took 2nd place in his class. I cant remember what class he was in but his banshee is either an 8 mil or 10 mil stroker and soon to be on spray if that says anything. Anyways there was not one single 450r there!! I couldnt believe it. Almost every damn quad there was a yamaha with the exclusion of like a few 300 and 400 ex's and like a v force. I was talking to some of the big shots there and they laughed at me when I asked why there was no 450r's there...I guess around here everyone believes in yamahas for drag racing. I wish some of the drag racers on here coulda been there with their r's and showed up all the blue... After I graduate this year I plan on getting a 490 athena along with a bigger cam, pro wedges, wheely bar and a few other odds so my R can pretend to be a drag racer every now and then. Anyways I'll get the vids uploaded tomorow, pics for now. Enjoy!

Hendershot Performance at its best

4?? ex that beat its fair share of yfz's

yamaha "warrior" sporting an 1100cc rocket motor! i didnt get to see it run though =/

one of my friends shee

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awesome picture imo
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this girl kicked major ass


other friends shee that took 2nd place. this beast is either an 8 or 10 mil stroker soon to be on spray. he's also planning on building either a 15 mil or 18 mil big block shee soon for planet sand.

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cool pics, thanks for sharing[/b]

no problem, thanks for looking!
looks like it was a lot of fun!
that yamaha warrior thing looks insane sheesh
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