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Before I left for Iraq I was.....

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The weekend before I left for Iraq, I went camping, and riding. Hope you guys enjoy.........

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we have like no Bandwidth here in Iraq, and that was my first attemp at uploading pics........ sorry for the hooptyness......Ryan
Thank you for your Service and Stay Safe my friend!

Oh, Pictures look good too!
Awesome pics, memories you will have forever. Anytime spent with the family is a good thing.

And to backup what Ripper said!!!! thanks again!!!
Watch your six out there and bring er home safe.
Thanks for you service to keep us free. Hope you have a safe tour and and safe trip home.
Thanks alot guys for the support. But i was just showing you guys my quad, and some pics of what i LOVE to do. I hope you guys are all having fun in life. If your not, shame on you. go buy a 12 pack and party with your pants off!!!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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