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Ball joints removal from knuckle help please.

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So im we’ll aware of getting a ball joint remover, or getting a coupling and bolt from hardware store. And pretty much any other trick out there. Here’s my concern as you can see in the pic everything is at an angle the ball joints goe into the knuckles at an angle which creates kind of a wedge. I’m more worried about damaging the threads trying to separate them. So my question is would it be easier to take the shocks off, and lift up the arms so everything is pretty much straight and then they can drop out straight much easier? Instead of an angle? or will the ball joint removal tool included bolt & coupling push them out without damaging the threads? I don’t wanna take the shocks off if I don’t have to. Need to know how some of you guys do it please. Thanks
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Whether the arms are at full drop or not, the studs going into the knuckle will be square to the knuckle. You should be able to separate them just fine like that.
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