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BAD SELLER cpitre8

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Bought tail light over a month ago from this guy and he will not return emails or refund my money filed paypal dispute. But don't buy from this guy he is a fraud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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good thing i didnt buy the kicker lever from him

there is another topic on this guy about the same subject

his prices where just too good to be true IMO

sorry for the misfortune
not sure who, but somebody warned everybody when he was selling his swinger....
OUCH man that sucks.

Heres the thread...

OUCH man that sucks.

Heres the thread...

He should be banned
Definitely be learry of this kid, I bought a RW pipe from him and I did eventually get the too about a month though.
maybe he ships through the donkey express. lol j/k kidding guys, hopefully you get your stuff rjslape
yes, i bought paddles from him, i could carry them around like a plastic grocery bag! had a nice handle made out of the paddle, yes he ripped me off, i tried to work with him and he don't answer or email back! terrible person to work with! all these hard working people and save money and get crap in return! i will post pics of them soon, been meaning to do that anyway!!
what a douchebag. hopefully someone beats his ass
Thanks guys, it really is bad when a person beats you out of something. Honesty is maybe something his Dad should have taught him with his boot up his arse.
I wouldn't mind giving his dad some help.
It's only 25.00 I am just lucky it wasn't for more.
:2guns: :2guns: :2guns:
i'll track him down using the latest Gov't spy crap we're using over here in Iraq, and i'll get your 25 bucks back........ it just might cost alot more than 25 bucks to do............ but you'll get your revenge!
It will be worth it I promise
Or you could just ask Bulldog if he had a return address on his pipe. Post it up and whoever is closest find the Bastood.
Or you could just ask Bulldog if he had a return address on his pipe. Post it up and whoever is closest find the Bastood.[/b]
Sorry, no return address.........he sent it form a business where his step father works.........I do no he also is going to college.........but don't know where.

Sleeze bags like these are THE reason to ONLY use least you stand a chance on getting back your cashola.

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