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Bacherlors party St. Joe

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Well I'm gettin hitcheds and me and my best man decided the best thing to do for a bacherlor party was camp down at st. joe for a week end
Every one who can make it can come i don't care who you are. If you want to bring food or booze it's up to ou but we're not feedin or liquoring up every body.

I will post up what sites some time in early october.

If we need more than 2 i will try and get one next to the 2 i order. We will be getting electrical sites, for compressor and radio.

Who's game for some stupidity in st.joe?
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i will see but im supposed to be in alabama for the stock frame shoot out @ outlaw sand drags.
Well i hope i'm there this week end and you can make it on my party.
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