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ASR 06 450r Standard Travel +2 A arms

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As the title states. Some rock chips but no gouges or any dents. Arms look great. Have upper heims at the frame to adjust caster. Heim joint are in alright condition but can be replaced pretty reasonably. No reason to replace them now though. Asking 300 for these. Paypal accepted. PM me or email me at [email protected]. Thanks

Here are some pics.

Also have some stock 450r shocks I need gone. Make an offer!!!!!!!!
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Still for sale.
Do you still have these? tried to pm you but your inbox is full
good deal.

IMS, u going long travel or somethin?
Do you still have these? tried to pm you but your inbox is full[/b]
Yeah I still have them and still want to get rid of them. Sandshots, I am not sure yet, I just nee some money and may be getting some Housers. Im friggin broke.............
I want to buy these, but I kind of dont like the color.

Nore do I have the money your asking for, but I dont want to low ball you.

If you find yourself in the need to get rid of them soon for a little cheeper let me know, or if I come up with more money I will let you know.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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