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Anyone running the new MXR-4?

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Has anybody got their hands on a set of these yet? According to ITP, these tires are designed for the new high horsepower 450's. Sounds like they're going to last longer than the regular MXR's, yet still be soft enough to hook. They're also making 19in tires for rougher MX conditions. I can't wait to hear how they're actually holding up compared to the standard MXR.
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I've seen those in atvsport, they sound pretty bad arse. Do you think that there available yet?
I hadn't heard about them until this weekend, when another racer asked me about them. He said the local shop priced them for him at $70 a piece, which was up $10 a tire from the MXR. Maybe they're just taking orders for them though. Those 19's would be nice for this weekend!
Well, looks like I will be rolling with the 18's this weekend. I'm just glad I have a skidplate lol.
A stiffened knob and reinforced carcass work in perfect harmony with the high torque output of these new machines, resulting in less knob flex, more consistent cornering characteristics, exceptional traction on a wide variety of surfaces and longer tread life

i hope this is true!!
The MXR-4s work very well. They have a much slower wear rate than the old MXRS, and seem to not sacrifice any traction in the process. They slide just a hair easier. which is nice in some situations. forward tractions is Max especially in loam. Ive had about 4 races on them and I am just now going to flip them for even tread wear. the old MXRs needed flipped about every race day to keep them wearing evenly. Not to mention tearing knobs off. The MXR-4s are by far the best tire on the market. I reccomend them to any MX rider B)
i wouldnt run ITP unless I was stranded somehwere
We run the mxr-4 on are machine and they sure are great tires. We purchased ares from nacs racing
I picked up my MXR4's today but my new rims aren't here. Should have arrived by now but hopefully tomorrow. Will have them mounted and running in no time. Tires seem very nice and tough. Quite different from the MXR's.
Tim Farr was running the 19 inch mxr4's at the last gnc race.
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