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Anyone go to the

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It case you were wondering, it was awesome!!!
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I was there ... I skipped out on the CRAPPY WV Snowshoe GNCC and instead i went to the Hurricane Style GP ... It was REALLY Cool to see the bikes on the SPEEDWAY ....

But all the Bikes that were blown over in the parking lots was quit funny but still made you cringe on how much money got blown over ....
i was there also. would have been a better race had it not rained as much and not as windy. other than that was an awsome weekend for racing and the first moto gp i had ever been to.
I got to do interviews with the Red Bull Rookies Cup riders on Saturday morning. Sat and talked to David Allen Greer, drank to much, ate to much, had to much fun. Had to go home. From the Mississippi river at Davenport to Indy was solid rain on Thursday for the ride out. On the ride back, rain from Indy to Iowa City. That left 300 niles of dry riding in 1100 miles. Not so much fun.

Sitting on the wall at the Indy Mile finish line.
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I wish I was there bad.
Hopefully next year I can get to a GP.
Anyone know what this "WLF" on Rossi's suits stands for? :innocent:





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Missed the race this year but am glad I did. wold have sucked to fly out there and be in a storm. Sat in the garage with the wife and watched it on TV though. Sure was hoping Hayden could pull it off but Rossi is an incredible talent on a bike. I think Hayden will do better now that he is moving to Ducati, a bigger guy like he is comapred to the rest can use the torque.

As for WLF:

WLF on his leathers stand for "Viva La Figa", Italian for "Long Live P*ssy". He has so far escaped any sanctions or ultimatums that he take the letters off because the "W" in "WLF" represents the two "V"s in "ViVa".


I was there. We camped right outside the north end of speedway. We could walk out, make a sandwich and drink some good beer then walk back in a minute or two.

Sat. Gp practice/qualifying was awesome. We sat in the north grandstands and watched Nicky come around and light up the rear tire around the big sweeper. Crowd went nutz and on the next lap he stepped it out farther and waaay longer. It was freakn' cool as hell. Later we went down by the finish line to watch and hear them go by at almost 200mph. AWESOME! What was a real trip is the noise these things make. When they come into the pits and pull in the clutch the sound is like nothing else. Loud as hell high idle, odd firing order, staccato. Very angry was the only thing I could think of.

Got a good buzz on and flagged down a taxi to take us to the Indy Mile race. They had Jack there so more drinking and some incredible racing. Love watching the Grand National guys and girl. Excellent night of meeting people, drinking and race action. Anyone that has not been to one of these races has to go!

Sunday was a trip. The tv coverage did not come even close to the atmosphere of the day. Watching those guys race like that in 60mph winds, rain, trash from grandstands, air walls blowing around, those guys are bad mother f*%rs on two wheels. Anyone at BORINGCAR I mean NASCAR see this? Put a wiper on those things and race! Sissies.

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Yep , these guys are awesome!! We try to make every year at Laguna but it is getting harder with kids schedules. Only thing about Laguna is it is HOT as al Hell there most of the time. This is why we were planning on flying into Indy, to long of a ride on a CBR600F4i or a 450r lol. We have been thinking of flying to Europe next year for a race, finances wil decide that one.
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