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Anyone from MA?

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Is anyone here from Mass. ,,,,, If so where do you ride? I am from the south shore,,,, near Brockton. Always looking for a new place to ride and people to ride with...
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Hey whats up i live in southern NH and there is some pretty descent riding here dont know how far the drive would be for you but might not be worth it since everywere is getting shut down, slowly but it happening. Your best bet is to just check out the web for places to ride. Goodluck
I'm from RI..nowhere to legally ride here, but that doesn't stop us B)

But, I go up to NH every year EJK2783, awesome riding!! We are going up the last weekend of July/first weekend of August. This year will be awsome, a couple 450R's, 400ex, 300ex, Rincons, some Polaris's, and a buncha other quads.

Hey 04trx450r, ever been to the Uxbridge MX track??
i ride in methuen MA and there are powerlines sandpits fields anything and its not really that legal but the cops dont come out really at all and they r nice about it too but it is off of 93 on the rotary then on to 110 and u go all the way down to a white building called MKS and take a right at the light before the building and go all the way to the back and there r trails all in the woods with a really nice pit once u get in there. IF YOU ever go on a sunday you will see me there on the 450r.
Hey Kid i will check that out it, it is close to me and southern NH is getting kinda old. My buddy found a place off Exit 18 on 93 when i get more infp ill post it. I got back on my bike depsite my ankle being broken but i could look at it any longer i had to ride...Maybe i will see you one sunday,orange Fox Jersey and black and silver HJC helmet and obviously be on my R
Hey EJK2783,

What would you suggest for an area good for sports and utes for 3 days of riding? We will need to find a campsite nearby too. If you know of anything for us, let me know!

yeah man i will see you some day soon then i am always out there on sunday
dont pay attention to the signs in the parking lot because there is always people out there on a sunday.

they put the signs there cus high school kids party out there and trashed the little sandpit but i cleaned most of it up and put the stuff in a pile.
they caught 70 kids from dracut high and 20 from methuen.
crazy huh :wacko:
I can sympathize with you guys...I grew up in NJ, and I didn't know of a single legal riding area there. I moved to CA give years ago, and there are lots of places to ride here. It's a whole different world!

You East Coaster's have to find a way to try the sand dunes at least ones. Glamis, CA is the best riding area I've ever been.
Hey Kid there is only one place i know of in Berlin(i think that is the town) up by claremont. Hundreds of miles of riding and very diverse. My buddy took me out to Canterbury NH on saturday and my god it was some of the best riding i have done and he brought us out to a HUGE pit and it was so nice we were all sitting there just chatting it up when the cops showed up and took registration and told us is was town owned and gave us warnings but the cops was prob the hottest female cop io have seen, that was the spot off exit 18 on 93. Any more questions let me know
thanks alot man i will maybe take a ride by there some day soon
Originally posted by trx450Rrider@Jul 15 2004, 10:00 AM
thanks alot man i will maybe take a ride by there some day soon
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Hey what's up fellow New Englander's. I just moved here to cape cod in June from Wisconsin and there definetly is a lack of good riding areas!!! Exspecially on the cape!!! I know of one area though. If you come over the Bourne Bridge and go south on 28. Look left and you'll see some sand. Alot of people ride around there. It's hit or miss with the cops even though I've never had any troubles.
If you ride there you can go straight back from the road and you'll hit some power lines. Take a left on those and if you go another 2 or 3 miles you'll come to a road. go accross that and about another mile and you'll come to a sand pit area where the cops won't go. I ride there alot!! I live on the military base here and we actually have a place on base here where we're attempting to set up an adhoc track. Just a few little jumps. anyways, that's all I know of in my seven or so months here.

Ride Red!!!!!

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ok is this off the side of a highway because ive been to cape cod for an offroad hummer gathering and on the way i saw a little sand hill with woops up it and some other cool things.
Originally posted by trx450Rrider@Mar 26 2005, 11:52 AM
ok is this off the side of a highway because ive been to cape cod for an offroad hummer gathering and on the way i saw a little sand hill with woops up it and some other cool things.
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Yes it's off the side of the Highway, just after you come over the Bourne Bridge Go around the rotary take 28 south towards Falmouth. Take the first turn around and head back towards the rotary. Just before you get to the rotary turn left onto the sand and have fun!! My only suggestion is it might help to park back a bit from the road. Again I've never had anytroubles with cops or wildlife cops but I have heard of people having trouble so if your off the road a little bit they won't see you as well.

yeah im from southbridge, ma . there isnt much here but a few miles of power lines is sick cause no cops to worry about and there allways new dudes there
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