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Air fuel meter

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Looking at maybe adding some new toys to the shop. I see several meters available for 200 or even a little less that go off a sensor, but don't really want to be welding bungs in every head pipe I work on. Anyone know of some good meters that have the "sniffer" attachments and what are anyone suggestions on what to get.

On a side note, looks like what I am seeing is a sniffer is just an o2 sensor rigged up to slide in the end of the exhaust, is that the general setup? Also, I think it was a WEGO meter that recorded the changes, what others do? Would make it a lot easier since I am actually going to have to be riding it to get a reading.

Thanks for the help.
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LM1 is the best one, if you get it i may get you to dial in my bike sometime!!!!
Thanks guys, wonder if the lm2 rpm sensor is worth the extra dough?

Well, I did find a good article, but after reading the first page and gettign interested I have to subscribe to see the rest. Anyone already on this site to be able to view the rest of the article?

Found the article, just had to dig more.
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