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I got the HMF BB full pipe. Was thinking since it has alot of low to mid power and torque would get a HRC cam to kinda add more mid and top.
What you all think?
Or should I just get the stage 1 hotcams? It mainly is low to mid. I will mainly do MX riding, some woods and dune riding.
Thanks for the help Kaz.

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I too am having trouble deciding a set-up
I have narrowed my Exhaust choices to
HMF Full and White Bros PRO, But does
anyone know anything about the White Bros
PRO exhaust? And i Dont know which cam
Sparks or HRC? I like to do trail riding and
there is alot of open fields where i ride So i
dont want to change the gearing. I just need
more power for when the yfz mafia comes
around, i need to be able to hold my own....

If anyone can find more info on the white bros pro
that would be awsome. I'm sure i wouldnt be the
only one that would appreciate it
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