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Adventure complete

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As most of you know and helped with I went on a awesome long range ride recently through the desert of Arizona. I have always taken information from here but rarely given any so I thought I would share my experience and maybe it could help others even if just in a small way. I knew the first section of my ride (76 miles) would be flat and I figured maybe a little extra speed through this section would be helpful so before I left I changed my gearing from 12/40 to 14/38 as per someone's advice on here. It worked perfectly. Also as someone suggested I bought 3 master links in case I had a chain break but 30 minutes before I left on my birthday I received a text telling me to stop by rocky mountain atv a few miles from my house and pick up a birthday present (brand new o-ring chain and 2 master links for it). So basically my drive train was all new and my old front sprocket fit under the seat nicely. Because of the increased speed I added some lightning and I am SO SO glad I did. It was easy and simple to do. I changed the oil, transmission fluid, spark plug, coolant, and traded out my k&n filter for a uni foam. I did not have money to buy a rack so I build one out of solid oak at work(sounds stupid I know but it worked so perfectly and was able to leave it behind by using it for firewood). My 450R was full of fuel and I carried 2-2.8 gallon cans plus 1- 5 quart or 1.25 gallon can. The first 76 miles I dropped 1,000 feet in elevation, so basically flat, smooth, rolling hills (at the 50 mile mark I took one 2.8 gallon gas can off and hid it in some brush) And with the new gearing the GPS said my average speed was 72mph (1/4-1/3 throttle). I stopped and took some pictures at the grand canyon and then backtracked 18 miles and headed west. Over the next 7-11 miles I gained roughly 1,800 feet in elevation. After the first mile I realized this was a rocky, steep, curvy mountain road so I stopped and put my 12 tooth front sprocket on and adjusted my chain (maybe 10 minutes) and continued up. At 83 miles I ran out of gas (just the regular tank not reserve) so I filled it up and used a sharpie to write FREE on the side and left it where two trails joined (free brand new gas can for someone and I didn't have to carry it. It was gone before morning and someone left a note that said thanks 馃槀) I spent the rest of the afternoon exploring Mount Trumbull made camp, used my 5 quarts of gas and used my rack for firewood. Woke up, spent the day exploring Mount Logan (40 miles or so) and started heading back leisurely. halfway to the grand canyon, i adjusted my A/F screw a little over 1/4 turn to richen it up, as I climbed Mount trumbull I turned it back that 1/4 plus a additional 1/4 to lean it up. As I dropped back off Mount trumbull I turned it one last time 1/4 to rich. It worked great for me but I'm sure others have other opinions a few things I noticed at the end that might be helpful for others AND THIS IS JUST MY OPINION--- #1-tire pressure at 4psi all the way around worked great.#2- It is possible to get 90 miles out of a tank but the terrain and how you ride plays a role in that. Hopefully me describing my ride will help you figure out your gas limit. #3- it's super easy to change your gearing for your ride and put less strain on yourself and bike. #4- if your clutch hasn't been changed in awhile, change it before a ride like this(when I got home and was pulling itin the garage i realized just how close i came to burning it up out there) #5-dont be scared to make a rack(i did and it worked amazing). #6- check every bolt you have touched in the past and add low strength locktite to high vibraton bolts.(I was missing 3 bolts after, none were important) like bumper bolts. #6- make sure you can see, adding lights is easy and leaving them on helps other people see you and avoid accidents. #7- make yourself a tool roll to change sprockets or do repairs on the fly. #8- I work with my arms and hands everyday all day. I'm not a wimp by any means but anything you can do to put less strain on your arms and shoulders (steering stabilizer maybe??) Do it. My arms and shoulders were so sore after this.#9- if you see someone on the side of the road or trail stop and check to make sure they are ok and dont need help. One day it might be you needing help. #10- and this is important, when you are driving down the freeway on a Thursday evening with your 450R in tow and guys, girls, kids, businessmen, even highway patrol and sheriff's deputies are honking at you and giving you a thumbs up or air fist bump, don't be a [email protected]#ole, honk and wave back !!! I sure got alot of compliments on the 450R every place I stopped and I loved it. Put me in a really positive headspace before my trip. If there is any questions about my trip that I didn't mention or that you have, please ask. I will do my best to answer it. Will also add pictures if I can figure out how haha
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Lol I鈥檓 sure he would lend you out that spare bedroom too. You鈥檙e probably a little closer to him than I am anyway. But I appreciate the offer as well Walt427450 and will definitely keep it in mind.
I wish I would鈥檝e seen this thread earlier. That sounds and looks like it was an excellent trip. I love hearing about stuff like this, just go out and do it. You definitely had Some good preparations and plans and it paid off. Getting outside and doing the things you love is so important in life, and something we all need to do more often.

I love trail riding so much, but around here it is sooooo different than out there. it usually tight trails, lots of trees, technical, and you don鈥檛 get out of second or third gear too often. But riding in AZ would sure be a change of pace, would be fun to make it out there. I did a little desert riding last year with my nephew, it was fun.

it sounds like you are pretty good with directions and knowing where you are, I would鈥檝e gotten lost a dozen times in the first ten miles on a trip like that 馃槀.
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