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A must see!

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I hope i'm not the only one that lmfao the whole time I was watching it.
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hahaha how did you find this
damn hippies...
thats what I do when my 450r dies... were all hypocrites! lol
it says the video was removed damn.
Worked for me. That was gay. Freakin Granola Munchers.

Worked for me. That was gay. Freakin Granola Munchers.

There's enough of them in OR for the whole world...
NO KIDDING!! PETA broke into a guys mink farm like 5 miles a way a while back. I didnt think there was PETA around here. But between Eugene and Portland, we probably have enough PETA chapters to free all the cattle in one of the largest dairy product producing states in the US.

WTF? what is this world coming to? People amaze me! I bet you they are anti war homos that dont support our troops too.
you can tell they have never experinced the death of a loved one or someone close to them if they are crying over trees.
I think I saw my hippie/pot head brother in that video.
Worked this time.

The sad part is they draged a couple teenagers into there stupidity.
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