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6-Pack Rack

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6-Pack Rack, Purchased from here last week, Recieved then Realized, CRAP! They might be Different...

Looks Like its For an 04-05, doesnt have the Exhaust Bracket for my 07!!! So, I guess Jumping without asking is a newbie mistake... So, As it goes, $50 Shipped, its what I Paid, thats all I'm looking for! It just made a stop in Michigan for a few days! Can Get pics if needed... It's PRM rack, Strap is intact, seems purty solid...
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Would it work better if I Included the Beer?

J/K Cant Do that!!
New Summer Same Rack, Boxed ready to Ship!
have any pics[/b]
Yeah But i can Figure out how to post them , i think i can pm them.... lemme see.
would you throw in the trick riding chipmunk?
would you throw in the trick riding chipmunk?[/b]
Can't Do that! Then i wouldnt have a riding Buddy! :thumbup:
Still waiting, if it doesnt go soon the evil alcaholic in my head is gonna make me fab it onto my riding lawn mower! And i cant mow straight lines when i am Drinking, i just make crop Circles!!!
Dang-it,,another 6-pack rack,,,,I'm still tryin to find a 30 pack rack,,,O-well,,
good luck with the sell,,,lols
Woo hoo! Now i will be able to mow my yard! (Sober)
And fix my quad!

(human pinball, bent Tierod!)
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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